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Email & Information. You will get an email with instructions to get your lessons, materials and training to start practicing and learning right away.


Strategy & Method. The method to follow in detail to learn step by step, practice and boost your English. You should apply this method!💪


Lessons & Training. Lessons, videos, exercises, audios, articles, posts, LOTS OF PRACTICE and especially training TO PRODUCE ENGLISH in all our socials.


TRIAL Live Lesson. TRIAL live lesson with a native speaker with our materials to see our method & Coaching. Communicate effectively!

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Because not everyone has the same English level or the same difficulties. We prepare a tailor-made lesson plan for you. We also follow and track your progress. No one is left behind!

Instant Learning©

Discover our own method Instant Learning©. It accelerates your learning process with real situations. This is the easiest way to learn and practice English. Immerse yourself in real English to think, feel and sound like a native English speaker.

Guest Teachers©

Take advantage of our exclusive Guest Teachers© method that makes it easier to understand all of the English accents of our International native English-speaking teachers. Improve your fluency and your pronunciation. Boost your Understanding.


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SELF-STUDY: Learn the best methods for improving your English fast and correcting your own mistakes.

Listening: Train your ear to understand native speakers and different accents with our videos and audios.

Vocabulary: Words, phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations, expressions to use.

Pronunciation: Learn how to pronounce, identify your mistakes, and practice.

Grammar: Learn to apply the correct grammar to communicate effectively.

Writing: Apply your grammar, vocabulary, and start producing it. Then edit your own work.

TRAINING:  Learn from our posts, videos, audios… and produce what you learned by applying it in all our SOCIALS and everywhere!

Speaking and Conversation: Use our speaking materials to communicate your ideas in a clear and concise way applying our method.

Reading: Understand the full meaning of written texts including context, nuances, and the “big picture”.

Communication: Command authority through careful listening and articulate, professional communication.

Confidence: Applying our methods you will feel confident and calm anytime you have to speak, even in high-stress situations.

COACHING & MINDSET: With us, you will keep focused, positive, and determined to achieve your learning goals while enjoying this experience.

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Fizza Mahmood - British

Foreign Language Training – Lancaster University TEFL
Exploring the world of English language Teaching – Cambridge Language Assessment
I live in the heart of the French Pyrenees and for 10 years I have been teaching online to students from a variety of backgrounds and professions such as logistics, health, finance or law.

I am brilliant at creating personalised roleplaying lessons for my students. I do not just see myself as a teacher but also as a mentor helping them with their professional projects.

My hobbies include hiking and crochet and I enjoy travelling.

Patrick Van Strijp - South Africa

“Majoring in English Home language and History”
“H.D.E: Higher Diploma in Education” TESOL/TEFL certificate.
30 years of teaching English to students of all different profiles, nationalities, ages and professions. I am passionate about passing on my love for the language to my learners under my care and to continue making a difference in student’s lives. He stands out as an enthusiastic teacher with a sense of humor.

I have a fondness for cinema and my favorite films are ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, ‘Good morning, Vietnam’, ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Moulin Rouge’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I am an unconditional fan of Manchester United (far since I was 10) and love dogs.