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The school offers a methodology for learning English based on two highly innovative techniques: Instant Learning© and Guest Teachers©.

The courses are designed for companies with more sophisticated requirements and needs where linguistics plays a prominent role in training their employees. This service provides the specific needs to participants who already have a solid English level and wish to improve defined areas such as Public Speaking and Cross-Cultural Awareness to maximize effective communication.

We focus on solid linguistic techniques that can be applied to English speaking work and business environments.

We also offer blended English learning, with the use of our socials, platform and WhatsApp where students are able to work on material at home in their free time. This allows them to take full advantage of the lessons with trainers to improve conversation skills and resolve any areas where students may have questions or difficulties.


English For Business

We offer English courses for individuals or groups, as well as intensive programmes. The courses vary in intensity and frequency depending on students’ needs. We offer specializations in all cases: financial English, English for lawyers, specialized English for a wide range of professionals, document writing, etc. We adapt to the timetable requirements of each client and include the possibility of making up sessions that have had to be canceled for some reason.


Our courses offer companies and individuals flexibility. We are able to offer all one-to-one or group live classes via zoom.

Our Students Enjoy Advancing Careers At These Companies & More!


Are you looking for quality specialist English courses or coaching for improving your employee’s professional English?

Our results-focused program to achieve maximum progress in minimum time is what you need.

Tailored classes to achieve maximum development


We have an exclusive service where we will be your strategic key in the negotiation and closing with foreign companies where your problem is the English language barrier.

If you want to close sales with foreign companies, you need to be perfectly bilingual and understand the international business culture.

Much more than a business interpreter, a Business Coach, the leader you need for your sales

It’s time for a high-level international negotiator who gets results

Our Achievements are our Guarantee

2 proven Methodologies

Every day we innovate our systems to help you to learn faster and better with Instant Learning® and Guest Teachers®.
With us, there is no way you will not learn more!

30 years of experience

We are leaders with more than 30 years experience in teaching English to high-level professionals in order for them to achieve company or individual goals.

70,000 professionals and university students

They trusted our methods! Now they have reached their professional goals and are successful in their own businesses or in important companies.

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How are the courses at Master Business English school?

Live Lessons

45 hours of Live Online Classes via Zoom with native English-speaking teachers focused only on acquiring all the needed skills. Or you can get private classes (one-to-one or mini-groups) according to your level.

Video Course

Or it can be ONLY A VIDEO COURSE (where we offer you all the benefits of this course but WITHOUT access to live classes with native teachers). No one is left behind!

100% Practical

100% conversation with lots of interaction with native English-speaking teachers. 100% practical with constant activities, exercises, and homework in all English skills. We will level up your English.

Constant feedback

Continuous feedback and assessment in all aspects (grammar, pronunciation, idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs, mistakes, idiomatic expressions, etc). Constant corrections of pronunciation and grammar errors everywhere.

Communicate fluently and effectively

You will learn to communicate fluently and effectively with the necessary confidence to COMMUNICATE IN AN EFFECTIVE, NATURAL, AND SIMPLE WAY to achieve your professional or business goals. You will learn to pronounce English correctly by improving your pronunciation.

Instant Learning© Methodology

We will teach you techniques and methods that you must apply to internalize English, learn to communicate effectively and improve your English level. Applying our methods you will feel confident and calm anytime you have to speak, even in high-stress situations. But also putting into practice our valuable English material created by Coach Karyme.

Native English-speaking Teachers Always Available for You!

A team of expert teachers and tutors will be always available for your questions during the lessons, on social-media platforms, and via WhatsApp. They have extensive in-company work experience and are more than used to the dynamics of working environments and effective ways of communication.

Have your lessons from anywhere

Have your lessons from anywhere, from the comfort of your house, your office, or other places by using a computer, tablet, and even by cell-phone/mobile. Learn and study at a speed that suits you better.

Recorded Lessons

The lessons of the courses are recorded, so you can study them at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. Furthermore, our valuable English material created by Coach Karyme will be at your complete disposal to be used whenever you may need it.

Constant Coaching

Constant Coaching and mindset will keep you focused, positive, and determined to achieve your goals while enjoying learning. Moreover you will have the opportunity to share your experience and learn from other entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, doctors, professionals etc, like you!

Diploma and Certification

At the end of the course, you will get a Diploma for completing the course from Master Business English.
In addition you can request a real and deep evaluation / assessment of your current English level and get a Certification too.

Life-Changing Success Stories From Our Students

Hundreds of students all over the world love and recommend Master Business English

Susana Orbegoso Sales Manager - Peru

Traditional teaching methods based only on grammar have not worked for me. I felt that it was difficult for me to launch myself into talking for fear of the sense of ridicule and I wanted to overcome that fear, learn vocabulary and be able to understand and be understood.

But after our first class with Karyme, I understood that his method was different and it helped me not only to learn English and obtain the C1 that I now have, but it eliminated all the negative that I felt at first.

Thanks to Karyme, who pushed me to compete for a job, I am now a Manager in my company with very high productivity.

Giuliano Tosso COO - Italy

You understood that my real goal was to be able to communicate with our customers especially in phone calls, understand them and talk to them in a technical way about our products. And this is what you have achieved.

His materials, audios, videos and others have been quite effective. I really liked the way they interacted with us, in conversation and teaching.

It has been an impressive experience. It has allowed me to achieve my real goal which was to be able to use English at work, which has allowed me an increase in my salary. Thank you.

Javier Logar Renewable Energy Engineer - Spain

My goal was to gain fluency in conversation, both in daily English and in business English. I had an A2 level from the official language school but I was not able to improve my level, I did not gain fluency and when they spoke to me in English I would stand there smiling, I did not understand anything.

With Karyme all this was different, I started to learn quickly, and to understand the natives. I started to gain fluency and even got the C1 at the official language school and the C2 CPE in Cambridge.

Now I work in England, I have a very good job with a good salary and I understand even the Irish who work with me. I have no words of thanks to Karyme and Master Business English.

What are you waiting for given Maximum fluency in communication to your workers to carry out their tasks normally in English and start selling more?

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Fizza Mahmood - British

Foreign Language Training – Lancaster University TEFL
Exploring the world of English language Teaching – Cambridge Language Assessment
I live in the heart of the French Pyrenees and for 10 years I have been teaching online to students from a variety of backgrounds and professions such as logistics, health, finance or law.

I am brilliant at creating personalised roleplaying lessons for my students. I do not just see myself as a teacher but also as a mentor helping them with their professional projects.

My hobbies include hiking and crochet and I enjoy travelling.

Patrick Van Strijp - South Africa

“Majoring in English Home language and History”
“H.D.E: Higher Diploma in Education” TESOL/TEFL certificate.
30 years of teaching English to students of all different profiles, nationalities, ages and professions. I am passionate about passing on my love for the language to my learners under my care and to continue making a difference in student’s lives. He stands out as an enthusiastic teacher with a sense of humor.

I have a fondness for cinema and my favorite films are ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, ‘Good morning, Vietnam’, ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Moulin Rouge’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I am an unconditional fan of Manchester United (far since I was 10) and love dogs.