International Business Negotiator of large sales in English

“Speak the business ‘language’ of your customers and increase your exports now.”

I’m Coach Karyme, an expert in negotiation and English communication for Executives. I’m going to provide you with international contracts.


The definitive remedy against language barriers and cultural differences that make the sale of your large projects fail.


The great opportunity that you cannot take due to ineffective English communication skills.

Globalization is the dream paradise of any company.

Exports rise year after year almost in a guaranteed way (except if a global pandemic explodes …).

Only in the last year, Spanish companies exported 290,089 million euros, according to the Department of Trade and Industry.

It has been a long time since the market is no longer local anymore. Is there a crisis in your country? That’s okay because your products can be sold in Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, the United States, Mexico, Japan …

Any country is valid, the market is the world!

It seems to be that all companies are taking advantage of these historic conditions.

Well, not all of them…. Yours has had a hard time getting the slice of the cake you want.

Because in this borderless market there are still invisible barriers that are insurmountable for you:

Business English that doesn’t let you express yourself fluently and confidently.

Cultural differences that impair your negotiating skills and tactics.

If you want to close sales with foreign companies, you need to be perfectly bilingual and understand the international business culture.

It's time for a high-level international negotiator who gets results.

Much more than a business interpreter, a Business Coach, the leader you need for your sales!

  • We are not a sales closer who comes to the last closing call and ignores the rest of the operation. And either a simple English interpreter who repeats your words without any business strategy.

  • We promote and facilitate the entire sales process to overcome the big obstacles of international sales, cultural differences and, of course, the Business English that gives you so many headaches.

  • We are the spokesperson on behalf of your company in all conversations, emails, calls and even in face-to-face negotiations. Because we know what international entrepreneurs want and how they want it.

  • We are your public relations, all hospitality and charisma at the right time.

  • We treat international entrepreneurs with the professionalism they deserve and demand. We never fall into the clumsiness of the local customs that they detest very much, such as taking them to dinner when they want accurate information from us.

  • We ensure the necessary conditions to close business agreements, breaking down cultural and linguistic differences and barriers.

  • We avoid misunderstandings, facilitate communications and set up trust to achieve your great sales.

Why am I the professional who can facilitate your large commercial sales and operations?

20+ years of experience. I have a Master's degree in mediation, negotiation, arbitration and conflict resolution; several years of international work experience as a lawyer and I am an expert in teaching English.

Assisted Big Companies. I have facilitated machinery sales operations of up to 12 million euros in sectors such as industry, banking or law. I have assisted 20 large companies from countries such as Italy, Austria or Brazil...

Strengthen relationships

I anticipate and resolve cultural misunderstandings. I create a professional climate / environment so your client values the reputation of your company.

I ensure understanding.

I have impeccable corporate English and I know how international entrepreneurs think and what they want.

Generate confidence.

I convey the right image for your company and facilitate the fluidity of exchanges to achieve concrete results.

A real citizen of the world. I understand international cultures, I have lived in 30 countries and in 8 different cities in each of them.

Don’t let Northern companies treat you as PIGS * * (an acronym for Southern European countries) and dismiss you from the beginning.

Boost your exports with the commercial and business approach you were waiting for.

These companies already operate abroad

It’s your turn, get ready to close big deals

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Fizza Mahmood - British

Foreign Language Training – Lancaster University TEFL
Exploring the world of English language Teaching – Cambridge Language Assessment
I live in the heart of the French Pyrenees and for 10 years I have been teaching online to students from a variety of backgrounds and professions such as logistics, health, finance or law.

I am brilliant at creating personalised roleplaying lessons for my students. I do not just see myself as a teacher but also as a mentor helping them with their professional projects.

My hobbies include hiking and crochet and I enjoy travelling.

Patrick Van Strijp - South Africa

“Majoring in English Home language and History”
“H.D.E: Higher Diploma in Education” TESOL/TEFL certificate.
30 years of teaching English to students of all different profiles, nationalities, ages and professions. I am passionate about passing on my love for the language to my learners under my care and to continue making a difference in student’s lives. He stands out as an enthusiastic teacher with a sense of humor.

I have a fondness for cinema and my favorite films are ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, ‘Good morning, Vietnam’, ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Moulin Rouge’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I am an unconditional fan of Manchester United (far since I was 10) and love dogs.