“Top 200 Most Important Verbs you should learn and use in English” by Coach Karyme ❤️

This is the top 200 most important verbs you should learn and use in English. If you are learning English it would be useful to learn these popular verbs first.

A verb is a word that shows action, occurrence, or state of being. There are many more verbs of course.

Here you have some of them:

Accept, Achieve, Admit, Affect, Afford, Agree, Allow, Answer, Apply, Argue, Arrange, Arrive, Ask, Avoid, Become, Begin, Believe, Build, Buy, Call.

However, here you have these 25 most common verbs are all one-syllable words.


This list is indicative only and actual words may change over time.

List of verbs that start with A with sentence examples.

  • Accept: I accept your apology.
  • Accuse: Barbara accused me of lying.
  • Achieve: Bernie achieved remarkable results at work.
  • Acknowledge: My mother-in-law after being released from the hospital acknowledged receiving assistance.
  • Acquire: Tom acquired many new friends going to the Gym.
  • Adapt: Margaret adapted herself to her new life in Spain.
  • Add: My daddy added a room to my house.
  • Adjust: I felt I had adjusted to the idea of being a mother very well.
  • Admire: He admired the way she had coped with life….
  • Admit: Peter admitted his errors.
  • Adopt: Our boss liked your idea and adopted it.
  • Adore: My daughter adores her grandfather.
  • Advise: Doctors advised that he should be transferred to a private room..
  • Afford: My parents can’t even afford a new refrigerator. They don’t have enough money.
  • Agree: I see your point but I’m not sure I agree with you.

It’s time to start making your English EPIC!

Coach Karyme ❤️

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